Poorly scheduled Baruch Bash interfere's with students' finals

As per custom, the Undergraduate Student Government at Baruch College invited students to celebrate the end of the academic year with its annual Baruch Bash.

USG publicizes Baruch Bash extensively on its Facebook and Twitter pages. Its members also post about the event in various groups and networks on social media.

During these sessions of high publicity, USG members emphasize the food, music and an open bar and push students to get involved and join the fun. As a result, Baruch Bash attracts a diverse crowd and tickets generally sell quickly.

This year, Baruch Bash falls on a Thursday night during finals week. According to the schedule, finals week officially ends on Friday, May 26. Many accounting, business, computer science, film, finance and social science finals take place on the Friday following Baruch Bash this year. Some students, however, have finals extending through the weekend following May 26 because they may take unconventional classes, such as hybrid or fully-online courses.

Because this year’s Baruch Bash falls on a Thursday in the middle of finals week, as opposed to at the end, students who have finals on the Friday after may have to opt out of attending the event.

Last year, Baruch Bash also fell on a Thursday, but it was less of an issue because no finals were scheduled on the following Friday. Some final exams did take place on Saturday of that week, but students could go to Baruch Bash without worrying about the prospect of studying all night after the event or waking up early the following morning to take a test.

Although the administration’s final schedule will never fully accommodate every student’s needs, administrators should work in conjunction with the Office of Student Life to give every student the opportunity to participate in one of the biggest events on campus.

Students deserve a chance to buy tickets for one of the biggest parties of the year, especially considering the fact that, as a commuter school, Baruch does not see many parties. Baruch Bash is, for many, one of the few opportunities to hang out outside of the campus with fellow Bearcats and it should be an event that every student feels comfortable attending.

This year, some may opt out of going because a lot of students have finals the day after. Although not every student can attend Baruch Bash, every student deserves the chance to go without feeling burdened by examinations.