Paris Agreement demands support

In a phone call with France’s President-elect Emmanuel Macron, Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised to uphold the Paris Agreement, the BBC reported on May 9.

The Paris Agreement was put together and signed by representatives from all 197 countries in 2016 and has since been ratified by 145 of them. The main goals of the agreement are to keep the annual global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius and to limit the use of fossil fuels. The objective is to limit climate change and its effects, such as rising sea levels that threaten coastal cities around the globe. During former President Barack Obama’s term, a lot was done to support the Paris Agreement. In contrast, President Donald Trump has previously stated that he does not believe humans are to blame for climate change. He reversed Obama’s block on the construction of two oil pipelines and publicly discussed leaving the Paris Agreement, the BBC also reported.

There is something very ironic about this situation. China, home to some of the most polluted cities on Earth, has promised to join the global effort against climate change while the U.S. president is actively trying to discredit the entire movement. In these circumstances, it is hard not to feel disappointed with Trump, and with his entire administration’s approach to environmental policy as a whole.