Paillere resurrects USG's Arts Committee

Less than a month into the semester, Representative Sen. Brandon Paillere of Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government is attempting to change the college’s atmosphere with the reintroduction and subsequent senate ratification of the Arts Committee. Committees are USG-sanctioned groups of undergraduates, headed by a chair and at least one vice chair, that seek to investigate or introduce a missing component to Baruch. Any undergraduate student can create or join a committee and change Baruch in this way.

Paillere, in his proposal to the senate, stated that the goal of the committee was “to create awareness on campus for the arts … and to make our artistic students feel at home in a business-centered environment.”

Paillere’s own personal goal was to elevate Baruch’s arts community so that it becomes notable outside of the college, although he knows "this is a stretch.”

He plans to partner with clubs and departments to host arts-based events for students.

This is not the first USG Arts Committee Baruch has seen. It has been active in the past, most recently during the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters by former Representative Sen. Chen Lin. He ran the committee for similar reasons, saying that he wanted to “make arts related majored students feel more welcome on campus.” Lin, now the photography editor at The Ticker, hopes to see Paillere succeed by having more arts related events on campus, advising the new chair to not only maintain a good relationship with student life and the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, but to also be bold in his endeavors to affect greater change.

When asked how his committee will differ from Lin’s, Paillere said he wants to focus on all the different aspects of the arts, not just the visual ones, citing support for the committee’s creation from clubs at Baruch such as The Blue Notes and the Thespian Club. Another difference was Paillere’s mention of a possible collaboration with the Starr Career Development Center to introduce workshops on having a successful career in the arts.

Paillere is looking for committee members. He can be reached at

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