OSL is not transparent enough with students on Adeline email

It’s disappointing that Baruch College students received an email that appeared to be sent from the Office of Student Life that contained a photo of a topless woman soliciting sex on Nov. 8. That day, The Ticker set out to learn what happened and find out if any student emails were compromised in the incident.

We reached out to the Office of Student Life for comment about two hours after the email was sent out. By 3:10 p.m., Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Art King sent out an email that addressed the incident. Later in the day, OSL deferred to that email in a reply to our request for comment.

Likely to protect the college’s image and reputation, Baruch College administration stepped in and released a statement saying that an investigation is ongoing and that OSL did not actually send that email. Administration then confirmed in a private email to The Ticker that no “personal information or student data has been compromised.”

King’s response and the administrative statement were significant, but neither revealed much. The Ticker has tried to probe further into the investigation to find out how it was being executed and how administration concluded that there was no threat to student information, but we were shooed away by OSL and King’s office secretaries.

Multiple reporters and editors for The Ticker asked King questions about the potential breach, and King diligently responded but his answers lacked the detail that we and thousands of other students were wondering about.

Our reporters and editors reached out several times over the course of two days over email and in person to members of OSL, including OSL Director Damali Smith and Associate Director Karl Koeppel. Both members — who are arguably the most recognizable names in OSL’s staff because they are club advisers and supervise day-to-day student affairs — deferred to King’s original email.

OSL is a single entity of the Division of Student Affairs, which is led by King, so it makes sense that King was ultimately the person to talk to about the incident. But it was disappointing that OSL members weren’t more upfront about the issue.

If they didn’t know what had happened, it would have been better for them to admit it rather than blindly defer to their supervisor. We are disappointed that an organization that is supposed to proudly serve