Noted news outlets vie for readership

The New York Times feels the need to publicize its $14 million drop in print advertisement revenue, a sign that attention to physical newspapers is dwindling.

Being a college newspaper, it is hard not to worry about the future of the physical newspaper. The aforementioned Times article makes a distinction that shows a trend in readership. While the print advertising revenue is dropping, web subscriptions numbers are increasing.

As technology evolves, so do the people who use it. The same applies to newspaper readers, who are now more compelled to consume their news electronically. But this poses yet another risk as sites like Buzzfeed emerge as the new news sources. Journalists, too, are more compelled to work at these reader-appealing organizations because they simply offer more money. Should Buzzfeed and similar emerging news outlets be regarded on similar level of credibility in their reporting as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal simply because times are evolving and people are seeking instant gratification?

The answer is simple. As our sources of news grow and evolve, consumers of news should not forget the long-standing credibility of big-name newspapers.