New Baruch comedy club brings big laughs both on and offline

Pre-Recorded Friday Nights of Baruch is a relatively new club at Baruch College and is a place where people of all different talents can come together. The club, which creates comedy sketches and uploads them to its YouTube channel, is a place for writers, actors, directors, comedians and editors.

Club secretary David Raufova explained that the members of the club have different interests and majors, and that “the club is a great creative platform for anyone who wants a sense of community and belonging.”

The sketches posted by the club cover a wide range of topics, relating to the average college student’s life as well as to the general public. Video subjects include spoofs of popular television shows and jokes about classes and general student life.

Being relatively new — only being recognized as a club last year — PFN hopes to gain popularity both on campus and on the internet. The team is working on building its social media presence. The club has YouTube and Instagram accounts on which members post videos and other humor content.

The club meets weekly to brainstorm ideas for sketches that are pre-recorded and posted on Friday nights. The name of the club might mislead one to think that they meet on Fridays, but that is not the case. Instead, the club meets on Thursdays and is very flexible with its recording schedule.

PFN strives to be like the popular television series Saturday Night Live and is looking to go live on YouTube in the near future. For now, the club continues to pre-record its videos around Baruch's campus.

At their event on Sept. 13, each member on the club’s e-board introduced themselves and explained their roles along with the purpose of the club. They then showed a few of their videos that received many laughs from the audience.

During the event, the club members detailed the process of how they make their videos. They started by explaining how they come up with ideas for the sketches.

The next steps are to decide on the general idea of what the sketch will be about, create drafts for the script and have them revised by the writing team. After this step, actors are then recruited to participate in the videos. After recording, the editors revise the clips and upload the final video on Friday nights.

Besides creating videos, PFN also plays improvisation games, has standup comedy events and hosts viewing parties at the end of each semester.

The club recently received a printed club flag, which the club displayed at the event. In front of the club’s name on the flag, caricatures of the group’s core members in a variety of humorous positions are shown.

The club is currently looking for new members to help out in the different steps of the sketch-making process.

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