MTA fails to enact changes to subway

The Metropolitan Transit Authority is replacing the phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen” in its New York City subway and bus announcements with gender-neutral language. According to PIX11, a bulletin was circulated among MTA staff earlier this week, instructing them to utilize gender-neutral terms such as “passengers,” “riders” and “everyone.” Pre-recorded messages that do not include these terms will be updated. The change is a result of the MTA’s desire to improve communication with passengers, as outlined in its NYC Subway Action Plan.

The MTA’s decision to change its language in an effort to be more inclusive of nonbinary riders is a commendable one. The issue, however, that it attempts to solve pales in comparison to the systemic troubles the agency faces. It is clear that there are more urgent issues within the NYC subway system.

Passengers have been frequently subjected to late trains, longer waiting times, signal problems, unpredictable line changes and more. This poor performance is unacceptable for a transit system that millions of people rely on daily in the most populated city in the United States.