MSA and WII give back with 'Charity Week'

From Oct. 22 to Oct. 29, a series of events took place in the Newman Vertical Campus lobby as part of the Muslim Students Association and Woman in Islam’s “Charity Week” festivities. All events were meant to raise money to support the cause behind “Charity Week.”

Some of the events included a bake sale, a food stall, an ice cream social, a movie night, a carnival, a comedy night, selling hijabs and a henna event. All of these events were successful, and many of them, such as the bake sale and food stall, sold out quickly after they started, pushing the clubs closer to their goal.

The carnival was one of the biggest events, and many students from Baruch College’s and other local schools’ MSAs were able to attend and show support. Many students also enjoyed getting henna painted on their hands, as well as having opportunities to buy a hijab and appreciate Muslim culture.

Inzamam Chowdhury, the vice president of the Baruch MSA, spoke about the events’ success. The association aimed to raise as much money as possible, but its unofficial goal was $1,000 for the cause. Other MSAs have already raised around $700, and Chowdhury had high expectations for Baruch’s MSA as well.

MSA is not just an organization at Baruch, but rather an international organization that exists primarily in the United Kingdom and the United States. “Charity Week” is an event that started in the United Kingdom, and now is a worldwide event that Baruch’s own club chapter participates in.

The goal behind “Charity Week” was to raise money for a specific cause; this year the club is raised money for orphans in Gaza, Malawi, Myanmar, Somalia and Yemen, and for refugees in Greece. MSA clubs around the world compete and participate in “Charity Week” as a unified front.

While it is a competition, Chowdhury stated, “A lot of people think ‘competition’ and they think ‘winning’, but we aren’t winning for ourselves and I think that’s great because [charity week] is for someone else, you’re not thinking about yourself.”

This year was the first year that Baruch’s MSA participated in the international “Charity Week.” In the past, however, they conducted a charity month, among other fundraising events. The winner of “Charity Week” is recognized internationally, but even if a school’s MSA does not win, it can still earn recognition.

All of the MSAs are recognized for participating, and Baruch’s MSA was even posted on the international “Charity Week” Snapchat story during its carnival event. As Chowdhury said, there was no real winner of “Charity Week,” and everyone pitched in for the cause to help those in need.

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