Milliken announces decision to step down in 2018

CUNY Chancellor James B. Milliken announced on Nov. 21 that he will step down from his position in June 2018.

Milliken’s resignation at the end of the Spring 2018 semester comes in the wake of a battle with throat cancer that has plagued him for at least nine months. Shortly after his diagnosis, Milliken underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment while upholding his responsibilities as chancellor. Although Milliken has stated that his prognosis is good, “some additional health challenges have followed,” according to a letter he authored on his resignation.

Before becoming chancellor in 2014, Milliken served for 10 years as the president of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“The head of a major university like CUNY works closely with a board of trustees in developing and implementing a vision. Of the 17 trustees on the board that recruited and appointed me in January 2014, two remain today,” Milliken wrote in the letter. “The governor has appointed nine new members and the mayor four. These new trustees will have their own ideas about CUNY, and they should have the opportunity to help shape the leadership and agenda for the future.”

As of press time, it is unclear who Milliken’s successor will be.