Math major and mom reveals how she does it all

Baruch College is made up of a highly diverse population with students and faculty coming from different backgrounds and ages who bring unique perspectives to the community. One such student is not only a senior at Baruch but also a mother — her name is Alexandra Chavez. Chavez, who will be graduating in December, is a student, a mother of two boys and the owner of a business.

Chavez started her academic career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and soon left due to medical reasons. When she decided to return, MIT required her to take non-degree courses, which led her to enroll at Baruch. During this time, Chavez became pregnant with her first son and decided to remain at Baruch and continue her degree to focus on his education.

Set to graduate with a degree in math, she is now waiting to hear back from medical schools across the country. An aspiring doctor, Chavez is now at Baruch simply taking classes for fun. Chavez is enrolled in astrophysics and endocrinology because she wants to continue learning and says that she is enjoying both courses thoroughly.

Chavez manages to maintain a balance between her work and personal life by using Baruch’s Early Learning Center, a place where Baruch students who are also parents can drop off their kids, enabling them to attend classes and study at the same time and with convenience.

"If it wasn't for the Early Learning Center, I would not have been able to complete my degree."

Chavez even considered using other day care services in the city but found them too costly.

"They are very expensive. I had to attend school part-time just so I could afford a daycare — that is until I discovered the center," she said. "I drop off my little one at the center around 10 a.m. and then I head to my classes and library to study and I can do it without worrying." The center also offers grants to parents who are not able to afford the day care services.

The Baruch Early Learning Center, located at 104 E 19th St., is managed by experienced professionals who not only take care of children but keep them engaged through various learning activities.

"Ivan, my little one, came home one day and he was counting numbers in Spanish. I couldn’t believe it. They also come together to cook and are very hands-on. He is constantly learning. I am incredibly happy."

After all her time at Baruch, Chavez has come to appreciate many aspects of the learning environment. Her favorite thing is "the diverse student population. There are so many different people here who bring different perspectives with them. We all approach problems in our own way, which helps us learn from each other and improve."

She continued, saying, "Being here also taught me to prioritize. I learned to efficiently balance my time between my family, school and business, a skill I that I plan [to] utilize at medical school."

As a word of advice to the students at Baruch, she said, "Always look for resources within the school. You will be surprised at what you find."

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