Main event mayhem caps off UFC 229


On Oct. 6, the highly anticipated UFC 229 pay-per-view took place in Las Vegas.

Many say the pay-per-view was everything fight fans wanted and then some.

However, that extra “some” is what everyone has been talking about in the days after.

After successfully defending his lightweight championship against Conor McGregor, the Dagestani “Eagle” Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped out of the cage and incited a brawl with some of McGregor’s teammates. 

After feeling each other out for about two minutes in the first round, Nurmagomedov secured a takedown and kept McGregor on his back for the remainder of the round.

A few seconds into the second round, Nurmagomedov landed a huge right punch that dropped McGregor, followed by a takedown.

That led to Nurmagomedov’s vicious ground and pound assault on the Irishman. 

Both men surprisingly spent the entirety of the third round off the mat and on their feet for all five minutes as McGregor was able to successfully stop three of Nurmagomedov’s takedowns.

The third round was the only round that could have been scored in McGregor’s favor. 

The fourth and final round was spent standing until Nurmagomedov secured a takedown from which he went on to submit McGregor via a rear naked choke.

The fight was mostly a one-sided affair that wouldn’t have warranted an immediate rematch if not for the fireworks and bad blood that erupted after the submission.

The brawl started with Nurmagomedov attacking McGregor’s trash-talking jiujitsu coach Dillon Danis with a dropkick that security was able to contain in spectacular fashion.

However, two of Nurmagomedov’s teammates were able to get into the cage and land some punches on the defeated McGregor.

This led to UFC President Dana White being scared of actually placing the belt on the champion in the ring in worries that a riot might erupt. 

Now, there are talks of suspending and stripping Nurmagomedov of his belt.

The post-fight brawl was viewed as preposterous on many levels.

For starters, McGregor jumped out of the cage, hurled Monster Energy drinks, attacked an official and threw a dolly at a UFC bus injuring UFC fighters and faced no repercussions from the UFC.

The UFC also used half of that footage to promote this fight as a personal war titling their ESPN fight preview “Bad Blood.” 

On top of that, McGregor verbally attacked Nurmagomedov as well as his father, country and religion, and it was obvious that there would be no handshakes after the match during the lead up to this fight. 

Painting McGregor as a victim for the first time in his career is comical and acting like what happened post-fight is a shock to anyone can also be viewed as nonsense.

Some punches got thrown at an event where punches get thrown —they just happened to be outside of the cage, which has happened before and will happen again. 

Not everyone shakes hands after a fight. Mike Tyson tweeted that this fight was crazier than the riot that ensued when he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off, which may be indicative that the media is blowing this out of proportion.

A rematch may seem more appealing because of the bad blood that actually spilled out of the cage since McGregor was dominated inside that cage. 

The UFC will likely use this footage to promote and sell the next fight. 

Some might say that the only sad part about this fight is that Nurmagomedov did not get to have the belt placed around his waist in the ring like every other UFC champion before him and that McGregor will probably get a rematch that he doesn’t deserve.

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