Lawsuit draws attention to assaults

Carlos Montoya, the former manager of an Manhattan Italian restaurant Valbella, was wrongfully terminated from his position for allegedly speaking out against sexual harassment in the establishment.

Montoya was approached by two employees. They claimed that the harassing workers taunted a gay employee on multiple occasions and made inappropriate remarks about a female employee’s appearance. The first time Montoya approached owner David Ghatanfard about the harassment, he was ignored. The second time he approached Ghatanfard and suggested punishment for the workers, he was supposedly fired.

Ghatanfard claimed he did not require the services of Montoya, who filed a lawsuit seeking compensatory and general damages. It is necessary for managers and other employees to stand up for their fellow coworkers, as it leads to a positive working environment. Considering that sexual assault is often unreported, it is necessary for victims and their coworkers to stand up for themselves and each other.  A safer environment can only be achieved if everyone is looking out for their peers. Attitudes must change and respect must be taken seriously.