It's not ‘anti-Catholic’ to be LGBTQ

Freedom of expression is currently in turmoil. “Please sign your peaceful protest today. Your voice is vital. We must not allow the sinful to replace the sacred,” reads the last line of a petition to shut down a Fordham University drag show, which took place on Oct. 19. The petition, started by the conservative Catholic group Tradition, Family and Property Student Action on Oct. 10, should never have been put forward. The openly anti-LGBTQ Catholic group controversially tried to infringe on the freedom of expression of Fordham’s students.

TFP Student Action is a project of the larger American TFP, whose mission statement says it was “formed to resist, in the realm of ideas, the liberal, socialist and communist trends of the times.” By starting this petition, which garnered 13,393 signatures as of press time, the TFP acted the way many communist nations have throughout history, censoring the voices and the expression of dissenting people.

The TFP unjustly acted, calling the actions “anti-Catholic” in the petition. The conservative group also went out of its way to condemn other Fordham events organized for LGBTQ history month such as a flag event. The group said the flags "represent sinful lifestyles.”

Regardless of disparities in views between groups, the freedom to express oneself and be whoever one wants is universal and should never be shut down. The TFP’s petition should never have been put forth. Fordham’s students have every right to put on their drag show.