Isabel Arias and Baruch Rise win USG elections

Rise Baruch's Isabel Arias was elected president of the Undergraduate Student Government on the night of April 27, netting 663 votes out of the 1,797 total votes for president. She will be joined at the table by all of Rise's candidates for the executive board, all of Rise's candidates for vice presidential positions, as well as 14 of the 15 Rise candidates for representative senator positions.

#Change presidential candidate Abdourahamane Diallo came in second place with 552 votes, and Theta Apple Pie's presidential candidate David Scholes was in third place with 359 votes. Baruch Joy's presidential candidate Max Meneses was in fourth place with 223 votes.

Overall, 1,927 students voted in the election.

Other winners include Derny Fleurima for executive vice president, Ehtasham Bhatti for treasurer and Andrea Valverde for executive secretary. Vice presidential winners were Suleman Aleem, Daniel Morote, Frances Subervi and Erica Yang. Winning Rise representative senators were Zakari Abubakar. Arseny Averyanov, David Barros, Molly Bhuiyan, Arvis Chen, Michael Cherry, Tarak Chowdhury, Hamed Doumbia, Suzanna Egan, Rachel Liang, Josue Mendez, Brandon Paillere, Brian Ronquillo and Nicole Taniguchi. One candidate for representative senator from Theta Apple Pie, Lin Lin, also secured a victory.

Most other USG positions were swept by candidates from Rise, with only Theta Apple Pie’s Jasper Diaz, Shlomo Grun, Heather Jeon and Adam Su gaining victories alongside Lin.

No independent candidates were elected.

“Myself and my team, we are absolutely thrilled with the results of the election, but more importantly out of everything we are absolutely honored to have the opportunity to run and represent the students and we are going to continue that passion that you saw every day on the second floor, continue that into our service as officers in USG, and really, really try to represent the students as best as we can,” said Arias in an interview.

Candidates and friends waited outside of the Office of Student Life until 10:45 p.m., cheering and reveling until Arias, Diallo and Scholes were called into the office to be read the election results.

Meneses was absent from the proceedings. Afterward, OSL had Arias and Scholes come out to announce who had won from their individual teams. Together, winners went to the USG Conference Room, where current USG President Daniel Dornbaum, current Executive Secretary Joanne Beloy, current Chair of Clubs and Organizations Vivian Wang and others waited for them to offer congratulations and guidance.

“The campaign is the easy part. And you should always keep that in mind. No matter how hard you worked—you guys worked hard … and it was a well-deserved victory—but now you owe it to every single person who took time out of their day, or days, to be out on the second floor with you, campaign for you, vote for you. You now owe them. And you have from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 to make them proud,” said Dornbaum in a speech to the winners.

In a statement to “The Ticker,” Scholes congratulated the winning members of his team, and thanked all those who voted for Theta Apple Pie.

“While the outcome may not have been exactly what we hoped, TAP is so thankful we could debate the issues, put forward ideas, and fight to earn your vote,” wrote Scholes. “We hope to work with the incoming USG to implement a platform hundreds of Baruch students voted for. And we wish Isabel and her team all the best.”

Meneses plans to support Arias and the incoming USG, saying that Rise and Arias "have the entire support of the Baruch JOY team, and she has the ability to make Baruch a better place. Baruch is for everyone, so I know she can keep it that way.”

Diallo was not immediately available for comment.