Hicks' departure surprises Washington

The majority of Americans are just beginning to figure their lives out in their 20s. Most people are just wrapping up college, trying to move out, searching for their first job or preparing the long climb up the corporate ladder. Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is not like most people.

The former child model worked for Ivanka Trump for a few months in her early 20s before capturing the attention of her boss’s father. This should come as no surprise, given President Donald Trump’s proclivity for models, such as his ex-wife Ivana, his current wife Melania, his daughter Ivanka and the eponymous modeling agency he founded.

The two bonded quickly and soon after, Hicks was employed full-time at the Trump Organization, working directly for its founder. By 26, the young employee was designated by Trump as his campaign press secretary. At this point, Hicks had absolutely no prior experience in politics. Then again, neither did Trump.

Before long, Hicks was 29 years old and hard at work for the president of the United States. In an administration filled with constant reshuffling, Hicks had somehow managed to survive as Trump’s longest-serving political aide.

She had outlasted political lifers such as Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, ultimately replacing Anthony Scaramucci to become the third communications director for the White House in less than a year.

Hicks’ meteoric rise has thrust her into the national spotlight and even earned her a spot on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list. She would be looked at as quite the success story if she had not been on the verge of getting indicted.

Hicks was the latest to join the long list of former Trump White House deserters on Wednesday, Feb. 28, after she unexpectedly resigned.

Interestingly enough, Hicks’ resignation comes a day after she testified for eight hours before the House intelligence committee, having admitted to telling “white lies” on occasion to protect the White House.

The admission of her dishonesty completely destroyed her credibility and drew the ire of Trump, who reportedly berated her for her words.

Now, after weeks of public scrutiny for dating domestic abuser and former White House aide Rob Porter as well as possibly obstructing justice, Hicks is ditching this grease fire before it is too late, leaving the president without one of his closest confidantes.

Over the last year, Trump has already said goodbye to Scaramucci, Spicer, Preibus and many more. He has seen former allies like Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon and even his own wife turn on him. Now, someone he loves like a daughter is on her way out the door, essentially leaving Trump utterly alone in the Oval Office.

The president still has his real daughter and son-in-law on staff, but an alleged war with Chief of Staff John F. Kelly might soon spell the end of their tenures in the White House as well.

Hicks’ resignation is not even close to the true apex of Trump’s problems concerning her. As FBI Director Robert Mueller continues to circle around Trump associates like a shark, his next target might be the former communications director who has already admitted to lying for Trump before, and has been accused of obstructing justice by Trump’s former legal spokesman Mark Corallo.

Hicks is only 29 years old and already has a fairly incriminating amount of evidence compiled against her. The media is questioning whether or not Hicks will risk a prison sentence in order to protect her former boss.

With Corallo’s damaging testimony against her, Hicks and her attorney have to be discussing their options.

Every other former Trump associate who has been charged with a crime has already pleaded guilty in the Mueller inquiry — aside from 68-year-old Paul Manafort —and agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

Now that she is no longer obligated to cover up for the White House, it might behoove Hicks to preemptively follow suit before Mueller backs her into a corner.

In a time of tumultuous uncertainty, one thing is for sure: Hicks’ loose lips might just sink the Trump ship, a vessel that she has prudently abandoned.

When Trump first hired his daughter’s friend years ago, he clearly did not mind her youth and inexperience.

Now those two factors may contribute to his ultimate downfall. With nearly all of the original White House staff gone and the Trump children feuding with their father’s right-hand man, the president is traversing a difficult 2018.

Now that he has lost one of his dearest friends, who may turn on him to save her own skin in both a literal and metaphorical sense, Trump is very much without Hope.