Grammy U offers arts opportunities at Baruch

On Oct. 11, The Music Industry Club of Baruch College hosted its third Grammy U event. Grammy U is directly associated with the Recording Academy and its most famous and notable award, the Grammy.

As part of its mission, Grammy U “provides aspiring professionals with the tools and opportunities necessary to start a career in music.” The student representative of the New York chapter, Jessica McDevitt, was present at the event.

Students in attendance received information and insights on the Grammy U program and learned what it takes to join the program as a member. The Grammy U program has a few requirements that students must meet, but offers valuable benefits for those who do fulfill the requirements and join the program.

With the Zicklin School of Business being the most notable out of Baruch's three schools, it is not hard to deny why business is so important to the Baruch name and image. Many students and alumni studied it and have become successful, in the fields of accounting, finance and marketing. While this is good for the students who pursue an education in business, it can leave out those who want to pursue a creative pursuit. Grammy U offers an opportunity for musically inclined students.

For a student to join the program, they must satisfy one of the following membership qualifications: attend a music school or technical training school, pursue a major or minor in music entertainment or music business or plan to work in the music or recording industry upon graduation, utilizing their chosen field of study. For those who do meet one of these requirements, a $50 membership fee offers access to the program for the rest of their time as an undergraduate, as well as two post-graduate years.

With this membership many programs are offered, such as Industry Insights, Masterclass and SoundCheck, as well as mentorship, internship and volunteering opportunities. Each program deepens the knowledge about current trends in the industry, as well as develops the skills that are essential to go from a novice to a professional within the industry.

Grammy U’s most noteworthy program is its SoundCheck program, which gives members an opportunity to look exclusively into an artist’s rehearsal prior to a concert and a private Q&A with the artist and their support team after the concert.

The program’s most recent and notable events have included SoundChecks with Beyoncé, behind the scenes at Universal Music Publishing Group and volunteering at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences offers a major in management of musical enterprises, which allows students to officially study music and entertainment-related courses to better prepare for a career within the music industry.

The Music Industry Club of Baruch recommends that interested students contact them and look into information about Grammy U, which is available online.