Game room closes after damage to equipment


A notice about the damage caused to the game room's equipment was posted by the Office of Student Life.

Baruch College’s game room, located on the third floor of the Newman Vertical Campus, was closed for a week after an unknown incident resulted in broken cues, a broken rack and a damaged pool ball. The game room was reopened for students on Nov. 9.

The damaged items have since been replaced with backup equipment that was previously bought by the school, meaning that replacement costs were minimal.

“Right now, we did fix the pool sticks, which is a good thing,” said Chloe Spencer, office manager of the Office of Student Life. “We had one ball broken but we had one to replace it because we try to have backup[s].”

The game room provides students with an opportunity to take a break from classes and play games, including card games, foosball, ping pong and pool. For others who simply want to relax, the room offers a few tables and chairs.

In an interview, Daniel Dornbaum, president of the Undergraduate Student Government, spoke about the importance of having the game room on campus.

“[The game room] is a great resource that hundreds of students, including myself, take advantage of every day,” Dornbaum said. “In the past year, USG has allocated funding to keep the game room supplied with new ping pong equipment and a brand new pool table.”

However, Dornbaum admitted that because of the number of people who use the game room every day, some equipment will be prone to wearing out or breaking.

Spencer said that OSL is not aware of the exact day that the damage was done, but it is estimated that the event that caused the damage took place either in the last week of October or first week of November.

Once the damage was reported, OSL decided to lock the game room and post a notice explaining why the room was closed.

Photo by Agata Poniatowski.

As of press time, Spencer was unsure whether more security measures would be put in place to ensure that the room would not suffer from more damage.

“We have not talked about it yet with the director of Student Life,” Spencer said. “I think they basically just wanted to reiterate the rules and regulations of the game room. That’s why they made a flier for it.”

However, Spencer said that there is a possibility that public safety officers may be asked to stop by the game room more often. In the near future, however, Spencer promised that the game room would operate normally.

“It is disappointing when students abuse the resources provided and stop others from enjoying the space,” Dornbaum said. “We must not take these amenities as entitlements and treat the room and equipment with respect.”