FUSION hosts annual Baruch Fear Factor


A competitor pushes himself through eating one of the many exotic dishes put infront of contestants at FUSION’s fourth annual Fear Factor at Baruch.

Contestants took their seats for the fourth annual Fear Factor at Baruch College on Nov. 10.

Hosted by Filipinos Uniting Students in Other Nations, the event tried to include as many different cultures’ cuisines in the six-round event. A range of funky cuisines were offered: chicken hearts, fried silk worm, turkey testicles, red ant egg salad, bull penis and a developing duck embryo known as balut in the Philippines.

Two teams were eliminated each round until the final two standing teams faced-off in the sixth round. Forty-eight people participated in this year’s event, separated into 12 groups of four team members. While not a record number for attendance, Danikha Catada, the internal public relations manager of FUSION, said: “There was a perfect [number of attendees]. It made for a more organized event.”

Most of the teams involved came from clubs that co-sponsored the event: Sigma Alpha Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, the Ecuadorian club, Latin American Student Organization, Vietnamese Student Association, Transfer Student Organization, Colleges Against Cancer and United Chinese Language Association.

The team called Stranger Danger, comprised of students from various clubs, was the ultimate victor of the competition.

As a reward, they were gifted a GoPro camera. Calvin Rong, Sean Reddy, Isaac Wei and Warren Chan were part of the winning team. It was Rong’s second time competing in the event, having lost in the first round of last years’ event. “I came in wanting redemption. I was pumped. I was energetic, because I didn’t want to fail like last time.” said the third-year psychology major, “I came in with energy, and we demolished it,” he added.

The team decided that because they did not represent any one particular club, they would sell the camera for its market value and split the proceeds among the team members.

“We came because our friend did it last year,” said Esther Yee, a human resources major. Although highly entertained by the competition itself, like many others at the event Yee said that her favorite part was the less intimidating selection of exotic food served at the event

Traditional Filipino cuisines were served halfway through the competition. Far removed in taste from the bull penis given to the contestants, FUSION offered guests Filipino delicacies such as lechon kawali, buko pandan, dinuguuan and pancit bihon.

To compete, each group had to help with marketing, volunteer for setup in addition to helping with food and crowd control and provide $10 to $15 in monetary support. With the purpose of being representative of different cultures from around the world, FUSION wanted to host a light-hearted event as final exams approach.

“It’s the perfect way to let loose and have some fun after the stress of midterms,” said Catada. FUSION is comprised of several Filipino members, however, they are a diverse club with members from myriad cultures. Their goal, as Catada pointed out, is to “work to stay true to what FUSION means and be positive influences in the Baruch community.

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