'Food Week' adds Latin American flavor to Baruch

This past week, Baruch College’s Latin American Student Organization pulled off a successful week-long event known as “Latin Food Week.”

During club hours on Nov. 14 and Nov. 16, the club offered Latin American appetizers, entrees and desserts to any Baruch student who wanted to experience some of the cultures Latin America has to offer.

As club hours drew near on Nov. 16, there was already a large crowd waiting to taste some Latin American entrees. Everyone was excited to try the dishes such as rice and beans, the Mexican soft drink Jarritos, ropa vieja and pupusa.

To open the event, LASO Vice President Yadira Silva thanked all of the co-sponsors and described some of the foods guests would be enjoying. The club had volunteers come up to the front, and two students at a time were blindfolded and asked to race each other in tasting a food item.

They then had to correctly guess what that food was, which proved to be difficult for some. After a few rounds, the food was open for consumption and the winners were allowed first dibs, along with extra tickets. Whenever students entered into the room, they were given four tickets. This was because LASO wanted to reflect the market style of Latin America within its event. In order to get rice or beans, a student had to give in one ticket. Two side dishes were one ticket each and an entree was another ticket.

This way, everyone could try all the food and become immersed in the full Latin American experience of purchasing and eating their food.

A lot of the food LASO served at the event was catered by authentic Latin American vendors, ensuring that the cultures would be properly represented. Members of LASO hand-picked restaurants not only in the Baruch area, but also from vendors in their own neighborhoods that they knew would make these diverse foods as accurately as possible.

Some foods, like Silva had mentioned, may look the same or be present in several Latin American countries, but the way they are prepared makes a world of difference.

“There are differences and similarities [in the foods], that bring us together. The same things can look the same, but you can taste the difference,” Silva commented.

This event marked the fourth year of LASO’s Latin Food Week, and it was as successful as ever. There were over 100 people at the appetizers and desserts event on Tuesday, and the numbers continued to rise above 100 throughout the event on Thursday.

Christopher Ventura, a senior advisor of LASO, talked a little bit about his experience with the club and how this event specifically helps him “ … learn about people and culture every day. Every day is a new experience and every day is a new lesson as you go.”

Silva and Ventura, two of the main organizers of these events, were grateful that so many clubs, especially the Undergraduate Student Government, were able to collaborate with them and make these two events possible.

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