Firearm restrictions remain necessary

Outright fighting against gun ownership will most likely not succeed, but fighting for restrictions is reasonable. The citizens of the United States pride themselves on patriotism and democracy, and many of them believe that owning a gun is a large part of that.

In order to have a safe system of guns being available to civilians, changes need to be made. The existing background check needs to become a requirement for everyone, as many states do not have required checks for private buyers and sellers.

Something as dangerous as a gun should be handled by authorized sellers or the government. If a private citizen wants to sell their gun at a gun show, a state fair or even to a neighbor, they should have to go through an authorized seller that will perform a background check.

Another major issue with the ownership of guns is that there is no limit on the amount of firearms someone can own. As long as they obtain the firearms legally, the person can own as many as they want. The main argument is that firearms provide protection in case a person’s life is endangered, allowing one to save themselves and others.

That being the case, one gun is enough for  defense, and anything more is excessive and unnecessary. Guns of any kind are not toys to play with and show off; they are deadly weapons that, if in the wrong hands, cause a lot of harm.

Stephen Paddock, the perpetrator of the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, had 47 firearms. Buying this many firearms should immediately raise red flags, but because the only limit on the number of guns one can buy is that they can only be purchased one at a time, there is no need to report the sale. No suspicions were raised.

People tend to ignore bad things until they actually happen. Mass shootings are a massive wakeup call to everyone. The entire country is affected by these scenarios in some way or another and it becomes the perfect time to bring awareness to the issue.

Unfortunately, the Las Vegas shooting was not the first inthe United States, and it definitely will not be the last. In a society of social media and the internet, opinions are constantly being shared, and the only way to send a message across is to keep on spreading the message. When tragedy strikes, people go to sites such as Twitter or Facebook to share their views and in doing so, they sway other people in society.

The internet allows for so much information to be passed around, and to prevent future tragedies like this from happening again, society must keep pushing the message forward, not giving up on protecting the everyday citizen.