Festival promotes student wellness

The “Student Health & Wellness Festival” was held on the second floor lobby of the Newman Vertical Campus during club hours on May 2, providing opportunities for students to learn more about their health. Students lined up to receive smoothies, an estimate of their blood pressures, insight on insurance and an opportunity to sign up for a raffle to win a teeth-whitening kit valued over $500.

The Baruch College Athletics Department, the Baruch Counseling Center, the Baruch Early Learning Center, City MD and other organizations were present during the festival to highlight their services.

The private dentist office present during the festival explained its offerings to students, including in-depth exams that allow individuals to see high-definition images and X-rays of their teeth.

A representative of the office stressed the importance of cleaning one’s teeth at a clinic every six months and getting regular check-ups every three months.

The Latino Commission on AIDS wanted to make sure itd presence was felt during the festival. Gustavo Morales, a representative from The Latino Commission on AIDS and The Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center mentioned that “health is usually not in the top three concerns of youth, so this festival also reminds students that check-ups are essential and must be done on a regular basis with one's doctor.” Morales also mentioned the importance of promoting the Latino Commission on AIDS, since the organization gives individuals access to community services, health services and workshop education.

Aside from the professional healthcare specialists who attended the “Student Health & Wellness Festival,” the New York Sports Club also made an unofficial appearance at the event after failing to confirm with Baruch’s Health & Wellness Center. The business’ representative asserted that individuals must exercise regularly to have more energy, improve mood, lower risk of obesity and in general, live a healthier lifestyle.

The representative stated, “The gym is not the only option to stay healthy, there's a lot of alternatives, but there's always a place for the gym. The gym gives you the accuracy of ease to work out, and it is a part of a person's basic health.”

“It's extremely important to know about your body and health awareness. Since most of us are approaching finals, now is the best time to know about our personal blood and sugar level. As college students, we eat junk all the time, it's crucial to know there are other options out there,” said student Annie Willis on the event.