Event celebrates Ecuadorian battle


The Ecuadorian Club at Baruch College held its annual "Battle of Ecuador" on March 8 to commemorate the Battle of Pichincha. The battle, fought in May of 1822, was part of Latin America’s fight for independence from colonialists and a turning point for the South American rebels.

With this victory over Spanish royalists, the rebels were able to occupy the city of Quito in Ecuador the next day.

“It is kind of part of our history and our freedom.  In the event it is mostly just kind of like a battle of the sexes, fear factor kind of thing,” said Domenica Cotrina, vice president of the club.

Event attendees were divided into four teams that were named after cities in Ecuador: Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil and Ambato. Together, the teams played five games.

During the first game, “Mystery Box, each person was blindfolded then instructed to reach into a box and guess what was inside.  The second game, called “Aim and Feed,” encouraged teams to don blindfolds, eat a bite of food and guess what they had just eaten. The third was “Junk in the Trunk,” during which participants from each team tied tissue boxes filled small pieces of paper to their waists and had to move their hips to shake all the papers out.

The last games included a balloon blowing competition and tug of war.

Traditional Ecuadorian food was served during the event, including chicken, rice, pork and plantains.

Most members of the club, including the executive board, are first or second-generation immigrants from Ecuador. All of the executive board members speak Spanish at home with it being their first language.

The club’s goal is to educate people about the history and culture of Ecuador while offering leadership opportunities to its members. It welcomes students to join of every race and ethnicity.

The Ecuadorian Club is in its fifth year operating at Baruch College.

Its next event, “Carnavalito” or “The Carnaval,” is happening later this month in the Multipurpose Room. The club expects about 250 people to attend.