Even in summer, work never stops for the average Baruch student


During the summer heat, while some would rather be outside, many Baruch College students are found indoors working full-time or interning at top-tier companies across the city. This begs the questions of whether these students will miss school amid their busy schedules or if they would prefer to not walk through the halls of Baruch again. The responses to these questions have been greatly mixed.

Derek Lee, a rising junior who is currently working full-time as a fuel and market risk intern at JetBlue Airways Corp., shared that working full time has been a little tough for him. “It gets a little mundane after a while,” Lee said. “I would rather go back to school because I like being around people my own age. The biggest change is having to commit to a work schedule. In school, I had much more flexibility. Now, I must plan days off months in advance.”

Lee also shared that even though it has been a little tough, work has been rewarding. When asked what he has learned so far, Lee replied, “Company culture really matters. When you enjoy your company and the people, your day goes by a lot faster. It also keeps you engaged to keep doing great work with your colleagues. For example, I am interested in going to law school and I was able to get insight from many of my coworkers who had experience in the legal field. Later, I was also able to enjoy the World Cup game in the common area.”

While Lee is looking forward to being back at Baruch in the fall, he is keen on making this summer insightful and fun.

Mohammed Hashmi, another Baruch student, is a rising senior majoring in finance and he shared a slightly different opinion. Hashmi, who is currently a finance intern for JPMorgan Chase, is thoroughly enjoying his internship and is dreading returning to the exams and stress of school. “The best of the internship would have to be the fact that I am learning so much,” Hashmi acknowledged. “I came into the role not knowing what to expect, but with the help of my team here, I have been able to effectively learn the material.”

He also said that his internship challenged him on levels that school had not, and it has stirred up within him a sense of maturity and responsibility. Hashmi did agree with Lee that company culture certainly matters, pointing out that he has only been able to learn so much in a short period of time because he found an incredibly supportive team that is always up for helping him.

When asked if he misses school, Hashmi candidly responded, “Not really. I miss my friends and the environment, but I thoroughly enjoy my work at a bank and would not mind doing this every day.”

Some Baruch students are taking advantage of the opportunities available to them and are even fond of them. Both Hashmi and Lee concluded that being outdoors and relaxing during the summer sounds extremely delightful, but they appreciate their new roles and are just as excited for the rest of the summer.