Escape room in Midtown terrifies puzzle-solvers

For anyone who enjoys solving mysteries, puzzles or simply taking on challenges, Komnata Quest is the place to experience an unforgettable adventure in the form of escape rooms.

With various locations throughout the city, the escape room venue in Midtown, Manhattan, has four different rooms. The horror escape room, “Cursed,” is the second largest room at the site, and can hold a group of up to six people.

“Cursed” is set up as an old abandoned house that has multiple rooms within, and follows the story of six sisters who were murdered one by one. Those who enter must uncover the truth of how the sisters died.

Even if visitors go into the “Cursed” room with the anticipation of horror, the Komnata Quest location itself establishes an eerie vibe. The location is guarded by a black door, surrounded by dark walls and dim lighting, adding to the overall thrill.

A host greets the participants in the lounge area and accommodates them, offering a place to hang their coats and bags along with a safe to keep their cell phones and watches, both of which are not allowed inside the rooms. The clue master then explains the process of an escape room — there are rules, hints and a storyline. Participants are allotted an hour to attempt the challenge.

The first room of “Cursed” is a bathroom with patches peeling off the wall and the appearance of blood smears. The voice of a little girl is heard, giving clues as to how to get to the next room. In keeping with the aesthetic, blood effects seep onto the floor, combining the horror and puzzle-solving aspects of the room.

Following the room is a pitch-black hallway with steam coming from the floor, making it foggy and even harder to see. However, the darkness does not hamper the experience, instead adding to the suspense, which Komnata Quest strategically facilitates.

The environment is such that one’s fear could make it harder to concentrate on what is being said. Some participants may be too scared, jumping and screaming at the sound of a crack.

The special effects in “Cursed” are technically and visually stunning, as well as thematic, which delivers the dramatic tension needed to keep the participants on their toes.

With plenty of special effects and jump scares, there are no live actors inside the rooms. As the participants continue to progress with the story, the clues become trickier and the hints became more vague. Participants may have to backtrack and explore the space, gaining familiarity that allows them to split up and work more effectively in solving the puzzle.

There are many challenges that require the participants to use their hands to solve a piece of the puzzle. Putting one’s hand into an unknown box or door will lead participants to proceed with caution. Participants may ask for help if necessary and are given the chance to relax and take group photos with props upon completion. Overall, Komnata Quest is a great bonding experience for friends and family.