Do Democrats need Sanders in 2020?

If there’s one lesson to be learned from the 2016 presidential election, it’s that the American people are sick of the status quo. Pretending to be an anti-establishment wild card was the only reason President Donald Trump was elected, despite what corporate media has been spewing since. Trump also has a real chance at winning a second term, unless he has to run against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

No one knew who Sanders was before the 2016 presidential primaries, yet every poll placed him above Trump. He won 46 percent of the vote during the primaries without any mainstream coverage or corporate funding, and the DNC still had to rig the primaries against him as confirmed by political strategist Donna Brazile. This strategy of shaming citizens to “vote blue no matter who” clearly isn't viable this time.

Sanders has practically become an A-list celebrity since the primaries and is one of the most popular politicians in the United States.

Meanwhile, the Democratic establishment has no one exciting to run in 2020. Some potential alternates according to CNN’s “2020 Democratic Power Rankings” candidates are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand. These names have no chance of getting people to the polls and are a bunch of corporatists who are funded by and work for their donors despite their progressive claims.

People need proof in their pudding these days. Making a deal to fast-track 15 of Trump’s federal judge appointments like Democrats did in order to get back on the campaign trail is not the evidence voters want. When 40 democratic senators in an 87-10 majority approved raising Trump’s military defense budget to $717 billion in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2019, they were seen as “the assistance” not “the resistance.”

Sanders, on the other hand, voted against the NDAA like always.

He’s allied with the people instead of corporations and the military industrial complex. His new “too big to fail, too big to exist” act proves he's no friend of the big banks on Wall Street. This is what voters need to see: a candidate who is truly against the status quo.

Most Americans want a living wage, an end to the drug war, Medicare for all, free college and an end to wars abroad: everything Sanders stands for.

Trump’s anti-establishment appeal has gone out the window with his two years in office now that he has proven to his voters that he is a liar and will not fight for their interests.

The only way to counter Trump’s re-election is to have him run against a favored progressive candidate. Democrats have no choice but to run Bernie Sanders in 2020 in order to win the presidency.

-Pat Sikora

Journalism 20