DeVry's false ads expose hypocrisy

DeVry University recently lost a lawsuit against New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for falsely advertising its graduates’ employment rates and salaries.

In an age where advertisements are omnipresent, many consumers have learned to easily recognize and avoid misleading advertisements as they often relate to wildly exaggerated claims and products. Some advertisements tend to receive a certain benefit of the doubt because they are thought to either be well-reviewed or of a serious nature.

In the case of college advertisements, consumers trust the ads to be factually accurate because ultimately, a college is an academic institution. Most academic institutions, if not all, are strictly against plagiarism and fabrication. Such offenses, especially from an academic institution, are only inherently hypocritical but are a gross insult to students who decide to attend an institution because of its claimed statistics.

By misleading students into believing why they should attend an institution, a college is ultimately robbing them of their right to an education under the expectations that the college has provided. In a world that is already dominated by misinformation, to see these habits bleed into academic institutions and their advertising is not only troubling but warns students to widely extend their pool of advertising vigilance.