Delta Airlines given unfair ultimatum

The recent school shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has led to a swift backlash against the National Rifle Association. Businesses and corporations, such as Delta Air Lines Inc., are discontinuing special discounts and offers for NRA members.

In response to its decision to join the boycott, the Georgia government has given Delta a choice to return these offers to NRA members or scratch a $50 million tax exemption on jet fuel from the proposed state budget.

The company is the largest private employer in the state of Georgia and is the lifeblood of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the world. This decision will only harm Georgia; with decreased tax breaks, the company’s growth could stall.

This retaliation by the Georgia state government is wrong. The government has no right to punish a private business. Rather, it should protect Delta’s independent decisions and avoid attacking the airline. Delta has taken a stand to expressing concerns over the most recent school shooting and how lawmakers have failed to address it.

The NRA discount was a one-time group offer only used by 13 people. This policy should not require such a drastic overreaction by the state government that may cost Delta alone $40 million. Corporations and their right to free expression, are protected by the U.S. Constitution. This right should not be violated.