De Blasio shamelessly self-promotes

Mayor Bill de Blasio really seems to like Iowa. Maybe he enjoys the state’s Corn Palace. Maybe he likes visiting the Field of Dreams or the Iowa State Fair; or, maybe he likes traversing the bridges of Madison County. Or maybe, and perhaps more realistically, de Blasio loves to push himself on Democrats as their progressive, soapbox hero--though he lacks a proper soapbox. In his recent trip to Iowa in support of Hillary Clinton’s Iowa caucus push, the Hizzoner had no greeting from the presidential potential. He did not give any speeches or rile-up any crowds. Instead, he, his wife and a number of staffers knocked on doors, and nobody knew who they were. This comes a few months after de Blasio cancelled his Iowa forum on income inequality because no presidential candidate would agree to attend, and a week or so after one of the worst snow storms and snow-storm responses. This comes after 311 complaints about the homeless jumped 127 percent since de Blasio took office. This comes after numerous feuds with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. This comes after his approval ratings have fallen to an all-time low.

Maybe the mayor should stay out of the corn fields and in New York City where he is sorely recognized and needed.