Chowdhury resigns as representative senator, 6th resignation this year


For the sixth time this academic year, a member of the Undergraduate Student Government senate table has resigned. Tarak Chowdhury, a representative senator, left his position effective starting at the time of the March 6 senate meeting.

“I didn’t feel comfortable being at the table anymore and felt like I wasn’t making a difference for the students I am representing, therefore I wanted to give a chance for someone who can represent the students better form the position,” Chowdhury wrote via text message to The Ticker.

The resignation comes on the heels of the recent resolution passed by USG to support ending the moratorium on social Greek life recruitment at Baruch College, which Chowdhury was vocally opposed to passing.

Chowdhury, however, stated that the resolution was not the cause of his resignation.

“It wasn’t related to that, but every meeting I just felt less and less comfortable at the table,” wrote Chowdhury. “It was just unfortunate that my decision came during the same time as the resolution.”

Of his time in USG, Chowdhury wrote that he was especially proud of the first semester of this academic year. He organized a book drive for students that was successful, with over 1,175 books donated by individuals and clubs. He also helped with “Baruch’s Market,” a “Welcome Week” event last semester that showcased various food options located around the college.

“Also, proud of just fighting at the table for what I thought would represent the students,” said Chowdhury.

Chowdhury will be focusing on work and school in the future, but he said he would still be involved in the Campus Affairs and Finance Committees within USG.

This resignation comes after those of senators Molly Bhuiyan, Josue Mendez, Zakari Abubakar and Michael Cherry, as well as former Treasurer Ehtasham Bhatti.

President Isabel Arias declined to comment.

USG has started accepting applications for the vacated senate seat, and will be doing so until March 20. Interviews for the position will occur during the March 27 senate meeting.