Chen proposes new co-sponsorship cap

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government held its weekly senate meeting on Nov. 14. Due to Provost David Christy privately visiting the table, the meeting officially began just past 6:15 p.m. instead of its usual scheduled time of 5:30 p.m.

The meeting started with the confirmation of Suzanna Egan as the new treasurer of the table, marking her first official day in the role. Egan was previously a representative senator and the chair of appeals.

The meeting’s agenda then continued on to unfinished business. Arvis Chen, representative senator and chair of student clubs and organizations, posed to the table a possible idea of changing his cap for USG’s club co-sponsorships, which currently sits at $500.

This addendum was posed after Chen’s recent decision to allocate Women in Business a total of $913 in co-sponsorship money for its annual Style Your Success event, which is set to take place in the Multipurpose Room on Nov. 30. The club, which was originally lacking the funding for all the equipment it needed, was able to satisfy it via this co-sponsorship.

In a statement provided to The Ticker, Chen explained, “I’d like to raise the cap for co-sponsorships from $500 to $1,000 for large-scale events. Responsible club leaders should be rewarded for their hard work and passion, and if I can do anything about it, I am going to try.”

Members of the table were conflicted on the issue, with some voicing that the decision ultimately undermined the appeals process.

This change in rule, some argued, may deter clubs from the appeals process if their needs fall below $1,000. Others pointed out that it may unfairly benefit clubs that have been chartered longer, are bigger in size and, therefore, have the means and resources to begin or continue such large-scale events.

Chen argued, instead, that the requirements to benefit from this kind of co-sponsorship would be stricter than the $500 co-sponsorship.

Aside from the additional money being limited to large-scale events, other possible requirements include the event having already occurred at least once in the past year and occurring on a Tuesday or Thursday night. The club’s budget must also reflect responsible spending, with 95 percent of the budget used as a possible indicator.

Ultimately, the chair of student clubs and organizations is responsible for setting their own cap and can usually allocate their budget by their own logic.

Chen was allocated around $34,800 at the beginning of the semester and $27,000 currently remains in his budget.

Following this discussion and some other in-house discussions, Rajbir Singh, president of the United Sikh Association at Baruch, approached the table for help with the club’s “Help the Homeless Drive,” which plans on giving out care packages directly to the homeless during the week of Thanksgiving.

Following this, President Isabel Arias disclosed to the table that current Undergraduate University Student Senate Delegate Jasper Diaz will be stepping down from his other role as chair of the Sustainability Committee due to other obligations.

Diaz recommended that Nicolas Fuertes, who was a member of the committee, take over the position. Fuertes was officially voted in to the chair position on a vote of 14-0-1.

Toward the end of the meeting, Arias also communicated that, for the next senate meeting, the table will be discussing any concerns and questions regarding Greek life at Baruch.

This next meeting will take place on Nov. 21, despite classes following a Friday schedule. The meeting will also feature a potluck-style dinner.

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