Canon opens PORTALS pop-up for photo education and fun


From Nov. 8 to Nov. 18, camera company Canon Inc. hosted PORTALS, a pop-up photo experience in SoHo. PORTALS, a free activity in New York City, was a rare experience in which visitors could learn tricks and tips about photography during the afternoon and night.

The most exciting part of PORTALS was the Canon EOS Rebel T7i cameras that guests were given the opportunity to borrow from the front desk and shoot with. Using built-in Wi-Fi, guests could also download the Canon Camera Connect app that helps capture Instagram-worthy photos and videos.

The T7i is able to quickly get a subject in focus, regardless of where it is framed. Photographers of all levels were welcome to attend the event and walk off with a great deal of knowledge about Canon camera and photography techniques.

Taking photography lovers to an entirely different world, PORTALS presented various workshops and photo walks. A photo walk taught by Jennifer O’Brien taught guests how to capture unique details, dramatic light and urban textures. In another workshop by O’Brien, called “Common Vlogging Mistakes,” she shared the solutions for beginner mishaps.

Gary Hershorn, a local photographer, also shared his tips for capturing eye-catching views of New York City, and in his photo walk, visitors learned how to find breathtaking views in ordinary neighborhoods.

Other technique classes included “Easy Portrait Lighting,” “Painting with Light,” “The Artful Selfie” and “Shoot the Light Photo.” In the workshop called “Photography as a Healing Tool,” Josephine Herrick, who uses photography to help veterans become passionate about storytelling, discussed the recuperative benefits of photography.

In addition, skateboarder and photographer Josh Katz taught how to capture the energy and excitement of skateboarding using a camera.

PORTALS was a great educational tool for anyone interested in photography. In his workshops, “Macro & Close-Up Photo Walk” and “The Art of Composition,” photographer Mike Chan explained, “Your job as an image-maker is to make your viewers feel like they are with you.” Chan put his emphasis on telling a story through photography. Teaching techniques such as Z formation, patterns, texture and rule of thirds, Chan showed how a mundane photo could be transformed into an image that contains stories.

Not only does Canon provide dynamic in-person workshops and classes that inspired photographers, but outside of the pop-up experience, the company also offers immersive online courses. The featured courses include “Creative Lighting with External Flash,” “The Beginners’ Guide to DSLR Video,” “Great Landscape Photography Made Easy,” “Intro to Macro and Close-Up Photography” and “Printing Basics & Beyond.” The online courses, helping to grow the photography industry, offer video lessons, PDF guides, interactive diagrams, a peer-to-peer forum, quizzes and assignments and the opportunity to ask Canon representatives questions.

Canon, providing another photo experience to guests, will also be hosting EOS Destination Workshops in 2019. The workshop's aim is to help photographers of all levels focus their skills in an immersive learning environment.

Students will be shooting side by side with their renowned instructors in small groups of up to 16 students, getting plenty of hands-on time with Canon cameras. Taught by acclaimed instructors, the workshops will take place in six locations: Miami Beach; Death Valley, California; Kalispell, Montana; Lexington, Kentucky; New York City and West Yellowstone, Montana. In “Wildlife Photography,” photographer Adam Jones will take students to Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, where animals can be photographed in beautiful natural surroundings.

The core value of the events is in their ability to inspire people with accessible learning materials. Canon, a Japanese multinational corporation, owns many educational resources both online and in person and has the potential to produce creative image-makers who contribute to the world of photography.

The next destination for PORTALS is Los Angeles. From Nov. 29 to Dec. 16, PORTALS will be held in Santa Monica, California. PORTALS, a one-of-a-kind photography experience, can be invaluable, a resource that visitors can use to learn from accomplished photographers and increase their creativity.