Campus cleanliness: Baruch students need to do their part

Students at Baruch College often complain about the cleanliness and maintenance of the college’s facilities. Students enter the school bathrooms and have to deal with clogged sinks, broken soap dispensers and clumps of toilet paper scattered around the toilets, sink and floor. It is an unpleasant sight, especially when it seems like the bathrooms haven’t been cleaned in days.

While students are quick to blame the custodial staff and the lack of financial resources being put toward facility upkeep, they should realize that real change starts on a personal level. It is selfish and absurd for students to assume that if they keep creating large messes in the Baruch buildings, someone else will immediately clean them up. The reality is that Baruch has many buildings, with limited custodial members maintaining each building's cleanliness. It can take the custodians hours to get to every hall and bathroom on campus. Furthermore, it doesn’t take long for the facilities to become dirty again, and it is unreasonable to expect that there will be someone constantly watching over every inch of the facility at all hours of the day.

Several bathrooms in both the Newman Vertical Campus and the 23rd Street building run out of clean sinks and unclogged bathrooms for students to use. This leaves the students with the options of either having to walk to a different restroom — possibly facing the same dilemma there as well — or sucking it up and either cleaning or dealing with the mess. Other students choose to add to the existing mess with their own garbage, which doesn’t alleviate the major issue.

Students should help keep their school cleaner, safer and nicer for themselves and their fellow peers, which they can easily do just by having common sense and decency. Examples of things that are regularly found in the hallways and bathrooms are pieces of trash, uneaten food or drinks, large clumps of hair, used toilet paper and personal care products. These are items that don’t belong anywhere but in the garbage cans and recycling bins. Students should take some time to clean up after themselves, no matter where they are. Disposing of one’s trash and respecting not only one’s personal hygiene, but also the hygiene of their surroundings, are things that everyone should do regardless of who they are.

A person’s college is like their second home. Everyone should treat their home with respect and help make their campus a beautiful and welcoming place for all students and staff members.