Beefs with Baruch: Baruch fails to regulate energy usage on campus

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, 2017, is a worldwide celebration started by Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Last year, the event was marked with the historic Paris Climate Agreement. This year, it was marked by the March for Science.

As a school, Baruch College has made many strides to make its urban campus greener and more energy efficient. Nonetheless, there is certainly more that can be done.

In 2015, Baruch announced the development of a brand-new college-wide green initiative that aimed to reduce the overall footprint of the college. The Baruch Computing & Technology Center went green back in 2011 by reducing the center’s energy usage.

Baruch deserves praise and recognition for its effective and successful green initiatives. The college has gone a long way to make the campus greener and more energy efficient. However, this does not mean that more cannot be done.

The installation of bottle refill stations around the college is an amazing idea that should be expanded. There should be more of these stations around the school, perhaps with multiple stations on the same floor.

In 2015, an initiative was launched to reduce energy usage over the summer, but this should be expanded to include the Fall and Spring semesters. Moreover, there should be a greater push to implement e-books into the department curricula.

For a more lasting, albeit more expensive, investment in sustainability, Baruch should install solar panels on the roofs of campus buildings.

It is unbelievable that every building in New York City does not have solar panels already and Baruch could potentially be a pioneer in this regard. The average solar panel system costs thousands of dollars. While this would be extremely expensive, solar panel systems are subsidized by up to 50 percent in some cases. While still a costly investment, this would easily pay itself back within a decade. Periodically, more solar panels can be added to help drive electricity costs down even further for the school.

Any effort, no matter how small, helps. Baruch is doing its part but more can always be done, not only at school but around the world.

While humans may have different values and customs, everyone shares one common home: Earth. This small, beautiful planet is all humans have. Now, more than ever, the push and support for environmental protection is needed at Baruch.

Davon is  currently pursuing a concentration in Digital Marketing at the Zicklin School of Business and is a Senior Staff Writer at The Ticker.