Baruch student entrepreneur unveils self-help book



In his book, Patzer explains that many businesses often overlook the six key elements that are needed to reach success.

Steven Patzer, a student at Baruch College, held a book signing at the Baruch College Bookstore on Monday, Nov. 21, to promote the launch of his first book, Six Figure Secrets. Within his book, Patzer discusses six key elements that every business and entrepreneur should integrate in order to grow his or her ventures, whether it be branding, creative content, marketing, personal image, social media or web presence.

According to Patzer, he has established himself as a marketing and personal branding expert over the past five years, collaborating with famous internet celebrities like Coby Persin and DennisCeeTv, as well as working for Impractical Jokers, Minefield Theatre Group and Proguard Pets. He currently provides motivational videos and coaching services to entrepreneurs through his social media outlets.

“Many people read the title of my book and say ‘wow six figure secrets, the author must have made six figures,’ when in fact I deconstructed and analyzed the success of many companies I have worked for or with in the past,” said Patzer.

He began the event with an anecdote about discovering success at a young age and explaining why he ultimately decided to write a book.

“I remember a time when I was in Times Square with [Coby Persin and Dennis Cee] and we got swarmed by over 300 fans in Times Square and the police had to get us out of there,” said Patzer. “That’s how I knew we had done something unique here. That really inspired me to write a book because if these people could do it at such a young age, why can’t you.”

In his book, he explains that although many businesses have already been able to identify these six steps, people are still underutilizing and often overlooking them. As an entrepreneur, Patzer stressed the importance of not just practicing the six steps, but performing them all effectively.

Patzer wants his book to be used as more than just a resource for up-and-coming industry professionals. He hopes that, more importantly, it will inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs to build their businesses and have a strong foundation to make it successful.

“I get a ton of messages a day from people wanting to know ‘what else can we get other than your motivational videos’ and now we have a product for them,” said Patzer.

Prior to publishing his book, Patzer drew in most of his following through motivational videos, which he consistently posts on his social media pages. He also offered private coaching sessions, which were tailored to the interests and needs of his clients. His extensive background in marketing and leadership helped him serve diverse groups of people in various industries.

“My experience brings me back to when I started working for companies in construction and entertainment, just learning whatever I could to give myself an advantage in any industry,” said Patzer.

When asked about the process of publishing a book, Patzer said that he faced many challenges along the way and that it required both persistence and dedication.

“For me to close this deal with Barnes & Noble, I had to call the president of Barnes & Noble over 20 times and email him dozens of time. [sic] And then I got a call from the east coast director of Barnes & Noble author relations and we were able to set this up.”

Despite all of the hardships that he went through, Patzer believes that anyone can write a book. He thanked his family and friends for supporting his efforts and Dr. Arthur Downing, vice president for information services and dean of the library, for helping him put together the book signing at Baruch.

Patzer ended the presentation by answering some questions from the audience and stating his catchphrase, “Have a dream and make it happen.”