Baruch offers students different ways to adjust

To say that Baruch College supplies its students with a typical college experience would be far from the truth, but this is not indicative of a mundane campus environment.

The typical college experience is often defined as one that involves an active social Greek presence, a spacious outdoor campus, on-campus housing and partying. Rather than offer this to students outright, Baruch provides the tools to craft their own college experience to satisfy their own needs.

As a commuter school, Baruch offers students the opportunity to keep their traditional college experiences and interactions to a minimum. If they wish, students may spend their days commuting to Baruch via public transportation, attending their classes and commuting back home.

The ability to attend school without socially investing themselves in campus life can be a major benefit. However, this may not satisfy the needs or wants of all commuter school students. On the other end of the spectrum are students who want to dive headfirst into campus activities, whether it be in the form of club life, federal work-study, peer mentorship or self-enrichment. These students may find themselves spending more time at Baruch than at home.

Between these two ends of the spectrum lies many students who wish to be involved in campus life while maintaining the ability to disengage from it and pursue other ventures at any time. Baruch students can easily choose to devote their time to activities or responsibilities outside of college whenever they want.

Baruch tries to give students a more typical college experience by way of the Baruch College Residence Hall on the Upper East Side. The living accommodations suffice for out-of-state students who would otherwise not be able to live in New York City or commute to the campus as efficiently.

The living arrangements, however, fall short in comparison to that of the typical college experience. Unlike the residence halls of more typical colleges, the Residence Hall is located more than 70 blocks from the Newman Vertical Campus. Additionally, some students travel home from the Residence Hall every weekend to see family, which may shatter some of the closeness and familiarity that is often shared among students staying in typical residence halls.

The advantage of attending Baruch is that there is no such thing as a typical experience for the large majority of students. Each Baruch student has the ability to customize his or her own individual experience at the college—something that is not always possible on more traditional college campuses. Students can adapt their time invested into campus life to fit their own personal lives, rather than feel suffocated by the excessiveness of the typical college experience.

For those who wish to be involved in their school but lack the drive to pursue that involvement, a more typical college may be beneficial. But, for those who are on the fence about committing to a college experience or those who are not sure of what they want out of their college experience, Baruch may be a better fit.