Baruch offers liberal arts majors opportunities

Baruch College is a school known for its business-oriented majors such as accounting, economics, finance, international business, marketing and real estate. However, despite not being well known for fields of study outside business, the college still manages to offer a place where liberal arts majors can thrive.

Franklin Rosario, a sophomore majoring in Business Administrative Marketing, expressed his fondness for Baruch. He said, "When I think of Baruch, I think of business professionals. I also think of a learning environment where my expectations can be met or exceeded.” Rosario is currently enrolled at Bronx Community College but aspires to complete his undergraduate studies at Baruch. He continued, "It's the top school for me because I am really interested in their Digital Marketing Track."

Although Rosario plans on going into business, his commentary reflects the universality that Baruch provides or instills within its students. He also cites Baruch’s affordability and familiarity as a school within the CUNY system as major factors for his desire to attend the college.

Each of the schools within the CUNY system have separate academic personalities. John Jay, for example, is geared toward criminal justice. Others perhaps may seem more inclined toward fields such as liberal arts, business or nursing. Nonetheless, even colleges that teem with a specific focus offer courses for many other majors—Baruch is no exception.

Baruch is in fact known for its outstanding business program. The school, however, offer extensive options for students who are not interested in pursuing business. Prior to doing research on Baruch, students may wonder how they would be able to fit into the Baruch community. Humanities-oriented students may want to take an interest in writing and reading, philosophy, history or psychology.

Although Baruch has facilities dedicated to business and stock exchange, there are a variety of majors represented in the college. The very impressive Wasserman Trading Floor in the Subotnick Center, for example, does not intimidate liberal arts majors; liberal arts majors still end up attending Baruch.

Attending Open House events at Baruch can help prospective students discover the many options available to them aside from business. The Weissman School of Arts and Science offers extensive classes in film, history, English, psychology and philosophy.

For psychology majors or those interested in psychology, Baruch has research laboratories located on the eighth floor of the Newman Vertical Campus. It is impressive and unexpected that Baruch has research spaces for psychology majors.

The 23rd Street building plays host to many science classes such as biology, chemistry and physics. Baruch gives many students, pursuing a wide variety of majors, the ability to continue their education, no matter where their interests lie. Students can expand on their interests in a diverse and well-rounded atmosphere that does not solely accommodate one professional field.