Baruch initiative aims for 4-year graduations

All these holidays have been a blur! Since Baruch College is home to a large population of students from all over the world, it’s important to be respectful of holidays celebrated by different groups. For some, it is a slew of days off. Others are busy celebrating their new year and more.

Our total undergraduate population is 15,238. As mentioned in a previous report, this past year we admitted a record number of first-year students: 1,680.

As your Undergraduate Student Government, we take note of this large number. Each of the senators on the table represents 1,000 students, so we have 15 representative senators who hold that responsibility. The others on the senate are the vice presidential senators, who represent the population of our Undergraduate Student Body as a whole. There are a total of four of us who hold this position.

Now onto another update regarding the board of directors. Their first meeting of the fall semester was on Thursday, Sept. 13. It's attended by members of the accounting unit, the USG president, the Graduate Student Assembly president, the dean of students and other representatives.

At this past meeting, health initiatives, athletics payments, late club budgets and appeals were voted on and passed.

Any information pertaining to USG is presented to our senate and approved before moving on to be presented at this monthly board of directors meeting. If any students are interested in hearing more about the board of directors meetings, they can stop by our USG Suite!

Furthermore, USG will be meeting with Baruch College President Mitchel B. Wallerstein to discuss Baruch initiatives and propose ideas effectively to implement them.

One initiative you can see around the campus is the push for graduating in four years. The administration is trying to change how many years it takes the average Baruch student to graduate. Currently, students take an average of six years to graduate, but the closer that number is to four years, the better Baruch is doing.

One final update relates to participatory budgeting. There will be a guest speaker at our senate meeting on Sept. 25 at 5:30 p.m. who will discuss more about participatory budgeting and how Baruch can get more involved with this matter.

If any students have an interest in learning more or have ideas, please feel free to stop by our senate meeting or speak to any of our senators.

Emma Jorgensen is the executive vice president of USG. She can be reached at Her office is located at 3-276 in the Newman Vertical Campus.