Baruch AMA offers marketers connections

The American Marketing Association is a club at Baruch College that aims to connect students who have an interest in marketing and create a community for those students to take part in.

AMA is a nationally recognized organization, with Baruch being one of its 370 collegiate chapters, according to John Shin, the chapter president.

Students who want to join as first-time general members can do so with or without becoming a national member.

Once they have joined, general members decide which of the club’s committees they would like to work with.

Club members get to attend speaker panels, office visits, professional development workshops and networking events in addition to the club’s Thursday hangouts and general interest meetings. At all club events, Baruch students are given exposure to realistic marketing experiences and are able to form connections both with their peers and with professionals in the field. This, according to Vice President John Timmins, allows students to begin making a name for themselves in the marketing industry.

“Since AMA is a nationally recognized organization, I joined AMA to build my resume and leadership experience,” Shin said. I became an executive treasurer of AMA for my full junior year and have been committed as a president from a senior year until now. AMA used to be like a small start-up with a few active members when I first joined two years ago. As I discovered the potential growth of AMA, I provided my commitment and passion for our bright future.”

According to Shin, students who join AMA at the national level join the ranks of some 37,000 marketing professionals, with the organization jumpstarting members’ careers and introducing them to professionals in the field.

Additionally, students in the club this year will have the opportunity to participate in the 41st AMA International Collegiate Conference, which entails over 40 competitions, case studies by the sponsors and regional conferences.

Equally important to the club are the bonds that students can make with their peers.

Timmins said, “Like many newcomers to Baruch, I was looking to be a part of something, whether that was a club, group, community, etc. I was tired of doing the long commute to school, going to class, and doing the long commute home again. It was monotonous, boring, and honestly a little depressing.”

Timmins, who is a senior, continued, “I attended the club fair in the Fall of 2017 in hopes to combine my passion for marketing and fill the void that I knew I was missing in Baruch. I came across the AMA table and didn't look back, they were warm, welcoming, and very accommodating to my various interests and pursuits within marketing.

“I think students who take the time to get to know us through our Thursday hangouts, events, and GIM's will see that we truly are a community. We pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion and feel that we foster a fun, professional, and informative environment.”

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