ASCEND hosts first general meeting to spread interest on Pan-Asian chapter


Ascend Baruch held their first general interest meeting of the spring semester to review their upcoming agenda and introduce their committee. Their mission is to maximize the global business potential of Pan-Asian and to serve as the collective voice of their community.

Held in VC 2-125 on February 2, the meeting highlighted the club’s main objectives as well as provided an overall look into the club for those interested in membership. Around fifty people were present at the meeting, enjoying food and gathering insight on the club. Prospective students lined up for pizza during the club’s presentation. A lively icebreaker concluded the session.

Founded by Jeff Chin in 2005, Ascend Baruch’s student chapter, headed by president is Wendy Li, is the largest business organization on campus. Though the club aims to assist aspiring businesspeople of Pan-Asian descent, students of all ethnicities are encouraged to join.

Centered around professional growth and development, the club focuses on preparing students interested in going into a professional career. Students who are not in business-related majors are also encouraged to join. The help offered—usually in workshops—prepares students to excel in any professional environment. Two of the executive board members are majoring in non-business fields and still find that Ascend’s offerings are rewarding.

Derek Xie, vice president of technology for the student organization, said he joined for the possibilities offered. “I came here for opportunities.”

Opportunities appear to be at every turn at Ascend. The club offers a wide variety of real connections for students who are looking for real-world experience. Among many others, some recognized sponsors of the organization include General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, and New York Life Insurance Company. Raymond Huang, vice president of membership of the Ascend chapter, said the question many students ask themselves is,  “How am I going to stand out from the person next to me or the person in front of me [in an interview]?”

Members of ASCEND are gathered with students who expressed interest in joining the group. Although they are Pan-Asian, they welcome all students.

Thanks to the club’s familiarity with companies like JP Morgan Chase, Huang claimed, “We will help you.” Members are a part of a larger community of Ascend members, which includes past alumni who have had extensive business work experience and offer their help and guidance to students. Past club events include networking luncheons and conventions, most notably a recent trip to Disneyland. For students looking for additional responsibilities, the club offers a Legacy Leadership Program and the opportunity to be mentored or become a mentor for other students. Once you are officially an Ascend member, you can apply to become an assistant vice president. This semester, Ascend is holding seven professional events in addition to monthly meetings.

Ascend Baruch hosts’ social events for Ascend students all over the country. Ascend  prioritizes providing students with the necessary tools to develop both academically and professionally in addition to becoming mentally and emotionally prepared. In past years, Ascend Baruch has attended such events, along with student chapters from New York University, Pace University and Fordham University. At the end of each year, the club hosts a banquet, inviting students from other Ascend chapters. Events like this allow for students to socialize with other people who are on similar paths, fostering a deeper sense of shared purpose and community.

While Ascend offers students many opportunities to better themselves as professionals; Monica Juwita, the vice president of professional events, indicated benefitting from the club requires time and effort. She said, “you get [back] whatever you contribute”.

Last year the club was approved for a $4000 budget from USG. The money went toward career development workshops, guest-speaker events, Big 4 events, GI meetings, mock interviews, co-sponsorships and social events.

To join Ascend, students must go online to and apply under “Full-Time Undergraduate Student” for a fee of $25. Students interested in learning more about Ascend should make sure to attend their next general interest meeting on Feb. 11, 2016, in VC 2-125.