Anti-Trump protests fail to encourage discussion among protesters

The results of the recent presidential election have left many U.S. citizens in shock, especially in states that predominantly supported Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

The victory of Republican Party nominee Donald Trump has sparked protests in cities nationwide, as well as on social media. Many of these protests are misdirected and borderline hypocritical in their message.

Protesters choose to ridicule Melania Trump for posing nude in photoshoots. Protesters even held terrifying and rage-filled posters that called for the rape of Trump’s wife.

Trump won the election based on the electoral vote, not based on popular vote, so some anti-Trump protesters have responded by protesting the Electoral College itself. If Clinton had won the election due to the electoral vote, it is doubtful that these same protesters would be chastising the Electoral College. In this way, they are misdirecting the protesting effort away from their disagreement with some of Trump’s flawed policies and questionable cabinet appointments.

If protesters wish to be productive in their efforts, they must direct their energy toward rejecting the specific actions of the president-elect to evoke change.