America Needs More Free Thinkers

In the wake of Arizona Sen. John McCain’s passing, the United States’ government is left with a gaping void. McCain’s presence as a maverick in the Senate, on the campaign ground and on the battlefield during the Vietnam War, led to his being respected by almost all his peers in government.

From his five years in a Vietnamese prison, to his uphill climb against former President Barack Obama’s near perfect 2008 presidential campaign, to his struggle with brain cancer, McCain showed he was always up for a challenge.

His willingness to fight for what he believed in stretched to Congress, where he would occasionally cross party lines to support legislation that he believed was truly beneficial to the American people.

Politics in the United States today are incredibly polarizing. For the most part, red votes red and blue votes blue. It seems that there is very little free and independent thought left in Congress.

With the midterm elections approaching, it is imperative that we as American citizens vote for free thinkers who we believe will make a difference, no matter what party lines may dictate. Without free thinkers in Washington, D.C., compromise and progress on major political issues may never be reached.

Instead, major legislation could be repealed and reenacted for perpetuity.