All NYC commuters deserve respect

In New York City, a popular method of transportation besides walking, driving or taking the subway is biking. The New York City Department of Transportation is continually working on creating separate bike lanes along the busiest streets in all five boroughs.

However, there are still problems that arise from the existence of bike lanes and also from their lack. The purpose of bike lanes is to create safe spaces for cyclists to pedal through so that they neither block traffic nor create hazardous situations for pedestrians.

However, both of these situations still happen quite frequently. The fact of the matter is that cyclists don’t solely stick to the streets that have separate bike lanes, often pedaling against the flow of traffic in tiny one-way streets, getting in the way of cars coming down the same street. It is a scary experience for a pedestrians, with cyclists hurtling toward them at very fast speeds — the riders often swerve just enough to avoid direct collision with the pedestrian at the last possible second.

The issues bicycle riders cause are not solely their fault. Both automobile drivers and pedestrians frequently block bike lanes by either occupying or parking in them, even if the lane is specifically marked. If the residents of New York City want to peacefully navigate the crowded streets, they should respect cyclists — their fellow commuters. This mutual respect can create a more pleasurable and less hazardous traveling experience for everyone.