Tennis, baseball, volleyball clinch CUNYAC titles

In less than three weeks, the Baruch Bearcats let it be known to the rest of the CUNY Athletic Conference that the road to the title went through them. 

The Bearcats clinched three CUNYAC titles in that span, with the men's baseball, tennis and volleyball teams winning conference titles and punching tickets to the 2019 NCAA Tournament in their respective sports.

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Blast From The Past: The History and Development of Video Games

The quality of modern video games can truly be mind-boggling, and is enjoyed all over the world. Making up a $100 billion industry with two out of every three American households playing games, it is amazing to think that in just a few decades, the technology has improved so much. However, everything has to start somewhere and video games had their beginnings on computers the size of rooms.

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Ticker Tape: A Financial Briefing by Baruch College’s Investment Management Group

In 2018, the World Economic Forum published the “Future of Jobs Report”, outlining the effects that the fourth industrial revolution will have on businesses and organizations, and the roles in which their employees work. 

The report writes that institutions will take advantage of advances in emerging technologies and fundamentally change the way they function. 

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Students should start building credit

While struggling with schoolwork, college students tend to forget about a very important financial step that needs to be taken as early as possible in life. That step is building their credit score. A credit score is a number that sums up one’s financial history. The score range typically starts as low as 300, or very poor, to the highest score being 850, or excellent. 

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