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Art-a-Thon 2019

On April 11, Baruch College hosted its third annual Art-a-Thon, a day during which students were encouraged to participate in arts-related activities spreading across the disciplines.

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Female-only dance company tells raw and honest story on BPAC stage

From March 28 to March 30, critically acclaimed contemporary dance company Ariel Rivka Dance, or ARD, told a raw and honest narrative about the struggles women endure to meet society's unrealistic expectations. ARD, led by artistic director and choreographer Ariel Grossman and her husband, executive producer and composer David Homan, celebrated its 12th season at the Baruch Performing Arts Center.

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Apple and Spotify trade bitter words over fees

Spotify has filed antitrust complaints against Apple to the European Union, accusing the company of “locking Spotify and other competitors out of experience-enhancing upgrades.” Although it is yet to be known whether the European Commission will go through a formal investigation, the growing tension between Apple and Spotify led to dissent among users of the services worldwide.

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Dumbo remake offers magical moments and flat characters

It’s no use complaining about Disney’s live-action remakes; it seems they’re here to stay. With movies like Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, A Wrinkle in Time, Beauty and the Beast and Christopher Robin, Walt Disney Studios has been reaching back through its catalog of films and making them over again under the helm of acclaimed directors. This year, Disney is releasing live-action remakes of Aladdin and The Lion King, the trailer of the latter garnering over 60 million views on Disney’s YouTube channel.

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She Built NYC to design more statues of women

Due to lack of female statues in New York City, five more statues of historically significant women will be added to the city with the efforts of First Lady Chirlane McCray and She Built NYC. Of the current 150 statues in New York City, only five represent important female figures: Gertrude Stein, Joan of Arc, Eleanor Roosevelt, Golda Meir and Harriet Tubman in different parts of Manhattan, according to She Built NYC, a city public art initiative.

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