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Designers and models mourn death of German fashion legend Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, iconic German fashion designer, was reported dead on Feb. 19, likely at the age of 85.

Lagerfeld made his first major achievement in fashion when, at a young age, he became assistant to Pierre Balmain after winning first prize in a contest by the International Wool Association. The years and his ages are confused by different accounts, due to Lagerfeld's tendency to fabricate his birth year, as reported by The New York Times.

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Alita: Battle Angel loses the fight to continue Cameron's legacy

When James Cameron ties his name to a production, he raises the potential for the movie’s exposure and success.

For decades, he’s been attached to classics like The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Aliens and more. His films Titanic and Avatar are the two highest-grossing films in movie history. It’s fair to say that Cameron is a filmmaking legend and moviegoers are correct in assuming that any project he has ties to has the potential to be excellent.

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Academy's 91st Oscars ceremony incites even more backlash

The Oscars have not had a positive reputation in several years. From the creation of the #OscarsSoWhite campaign highlighting the lack of diversity among nominees for the prestigious film awards to the infamous 2017 blemish of La La Land and Moonlight being confused for best picture, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was in a position to work on its awards ceremony’s semitarnished reputation.

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Isn't It Romantic bores with meaningless gestures to genre tropes

There’s an urge that can be found when watching movies with the suspension of disbelief — the willingness to forget how unordinary everything is — to imagine characters who are aware of the strangeness of their surroundings. What if one character in a musical noticed that everybody was singing for no reason or if another in an animated movie pointed out how their world was drawn as a cartoon?

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LCD Soundsystem's live album improves upon dance-rock sound

One of the best qualities of LCD Soundsystem is how simplistic yet complex the band’s music is. James Murphy — singer, producer and instrumentalist — is able to take influences from classic New York City bands such as Talking Heads, Television, Blondie and The Velvet Underground and is able to merge them together with influences of electronic music such as Daft Punk to create a unique dance-rock sound.

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Gyllenhaal shines in flawed horror-satire film Velvet Buzzsaw

Fresh off of the massive success of Bird Box, Netflix is hoping to continue captivating audiences with yet another gut-wrenching thriller. Velvet Buzzsaw once again thrusts audiences into a world much like their own, only to find that something sinister and seemingly inexplicable is lurking in plain sight. Much like Bird Box, this film also stars John Malkovich alongside an all-star cast of accomplished actors and promising up-and-comers.

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