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The podcast forecast: Streaming sites reveal bright future for all podcasts

Podcasts are growing in popularity by the second and so are the means in which one can listen to them. 

Many music streaming services, such as Google Play Music and Pandora, have incorporated podcasts into their services. Some listeners tune in to their favorite music and talk programs, sometimes weekly, as much as they tune in to their favorite artists and musicians.

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Working remotely inspires millennial drive for purpose, meaning and growth

Telecommuting came to change the workplace environment and is here to stay. However, there are concerns about work-life balance and employee engagement while working away from the office. As telecommuting transforms the workplace, companies should change the way employees are engaged. Since companies want to improve business outcomes every day, the importance of highly motivated employees working remotely play a fundamental role in company structure. 

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True colors: The Mueller report

After 22 months of investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his probe into Russian interference efforts in the 2016 presidential elections claims of the Donald Trump campaign colluding with the foreign government and the possibility that Trump obstructed justice. Facing public dissatisfaction with Attorney General William Barr’s four-page summary of the 448-page report, the Department of Justice released a redacted version of the Mueller report on April 18. 

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Spoilers should not be taken seriously

As Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame hit theaters and Game of Thrones’ longest episode to date arrived on TV, the two releases raised the concern of spoilers among viewers. It’s understandable to want to avoid a situation in which the viewing of a movie or TV show is ruined or literally spoiled, but the obsession with avoiding spoilers is a problematic one.

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Consent just a joke for Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been in hot water since last week after multiple women accusing him of inappropriate conduct in recent years came forward. The allegations range from non-consensual kissing on the back of a woman’s head to touching other women in ways that made them feel uncomfortable.

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