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Bernie returns to Brooklyn College for first campaign rally

Sen. Bernie Sanders visited Brooklyn College on March 2 to hold his first 2020 presidential campaign rally. Sanders announced on Feb. 19 that he was running for president again and his campaign announced the rally just four days later. The senator was born and raised in Brooklyn and attended Brooklyn College in 1959 before transferring to the University of Chicago after one school year.

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Black and Latino Studies department to make major

The Black and Latino Studies department is in the process of developing a major, specifically focused on Latino studies. Currently the department is the only one in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences that does not offer a major curriculum to students, only offering minors in Black Studies, Latino Studies and Black and Latino Studies.

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Can the #BeFare Committee lower transit fares for CUNY students?

Over the past three months, the chair of the Transportation Committee of Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government has been meeting with officials from major transit groups to secure a reduced transit fare for CUNY students. Brandon Santiago started the committee in late December 2018, enticing Baruch students to join in on his advocacy efforts with promises of reduced fare.

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WHM opening features ‘Visionary Women’

Baruch College’s Office of Student Life kicked off Women’s History Month with an opening ceremony to celebrate this year’s theme, “Visionary Women,” on March 7. The opening ceremony took place in the second-floor lobby of the Newman Vertical Campus with trivia, do-it-yourself activities, giveaways and sweets.

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USG elects Sanders and Epstein to fill the senate table after 2 resignations

In response to two resignations last semester, Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government elected two new members to fill the empty spots at the senate table. Taji Sanders was elected as representative senator to fill the seat vacated by Mohammad Shahid, and Noah Epstein was elected as vice president of campus affairs to fill the seat vacated by Kendra Lojano.

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Baruch mourns the loss of CPO Linzy Chapman

Baruch College Campus Peace Officer Linzy Chapman died from a heart attack last Saturday while on duty at the Newman Vertical Campus. He was found while in cardiac arrest at around 9:30 p.m. by his coworkers, who performed CPR on him until the ambulance arrived, according to Officer Adrian Crespo who worked closely with Chapman.

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