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Vape-related deaths plague America

On Sept. 10, a sixth person died from a lung disease related to vaping, according to Kansas health officials. This was the first death in the state from such a cause but is the product of a toxic product that has caught young audiences all over America by storm: e-cigarettes. 

Seaweed may repel climate change

A recent research study at the University of California - Santa Barbara, focused on the possible benefits of seaweed aquaculture to the environment and in combating global warming. Published in Current Biology, “Blue Growth Potential to Mitigate Climate Change through Seaweed Offsetting” drew attention to the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the food industry. 

Blast From The Past: The History and Development of Video Games

The quality of modern video games can truly be mind-boggling, and is enjoyed all over the world. Making up a $100 billion industry with two out of every three American households playing games, it is amazing to think that in just a few decades, the technology has improved so much. However, everything has to start somewhere and video games had their beginnings on computers the size of rooms.

CUNY explores life sciences careers

The United States is facing a shortage of STEM workers. In the modern race for high-tech supremacy, these fields are essential in progressing innovative ideas and technologies. Though research in life sciences such as biology and physiology results in products that save and change lives, only 6.4 percent of Fall 2017 CUNY students were enrolled in science programs.