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Baruch ‘Bash’ cancelled after legal issues

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government announced on May 20 that “Baruch Bash”  has been cancelled due to “complications with insurance, legal and many other aspects above us.”

USG, who hosts this annual end-of-year party, publicly apologized for this on its Facebook page, as “Bash” is a Baruch tradition that has been in place for 50 years, and many students look forward to the event every year.  

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USG second election leads to four position changes

The unofficial results show three representative senator seats and one seat on the Student Media Council changed following Baruch College’s reelection for Undergraduate Student Government involving 21 positions. 414 students voted in the second election — held May 13-15 — representing a 66 percent drop in voters from the 1,222 who had voted in the initial election.

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Chancellor announces 5 high-level appointments

CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez appointed five top-level positions on the first day of his term. Matos Rodríguez, who was confirmed as CUNY’s eighth chancellor and first Latino chancellor on February 13, had an eventful first day on the job, as he used the day to announce five appointments to various positions throughout CUNY.

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UNICEF highlights global outreach

UNICEF at Baruch held its annual showcase at Baruch College’s Bearcat Den on May 8 to celebrate the work that UNICEF does around the world. 

Members of the club displayed posters around the den that explained how UNICEF — which stands for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund — helps people around the world.

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Encounters Magazine hosts 'Game of Thrones' themed photoshop event

Baruch College’s Encounters Magazine hosted a “Game of Thrones Workshop” during club hours on May 7 to show beginner photoshop users how to use the program to put themselves into scenes of the show. 

Encounters Magazine has a partnership with Adobe through Creative Cloud, making this workshop sponsored by both of the organizations. The reason for hosting this workshop was to “promote Game of Thrones and strengthen our relationship with Adobe,” according to David Betancur, the marketing director for the magazine and a freshman majoring in marketing. 

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Blue Notes shine in CUNY-wide, year-end showcase

The Blue Notes held their Spring 2019 Showcase in Baruch College’s Engelman Recital Hall on May 7, which featured Mass Transit, Hawkappella and Macaulay Triplets.

This year’s theme was “A Journey of Stars” and there were 14 performances by the Blue Notes, which also included solos from the group’s members.

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Candidate dropped out, ended up winning Media Council anyways

Before voting even started, the ballots for the Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government race were destined for contention.

The Office of Student Life confirmed to The Ticker that a student who had dropped out of the race still found herself on the ballot on election day. Mona Jiang, a Student Media Council candidate from POP!, received 500 votes in the election, according to the unofficial results released by OSL, beating out three candidates who were still in the running.

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The Ticker's Guide to USG Reelections

USG election results invalidated by at least nine ineligible voters, 30 candidates affected

The Office of Student Life confirmed on May 7 that there will be a second election for all representative senators, Student Media Council and Faculty/Student Disciplinary Committee positions due to the participation of ineligible voters in this year’s Undergraduate Student Government election. 

Polling for these positions will take place May 13-15.

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'Spring Fling' events bring fun and excitement before finals week

Baruch College's annnual "Spring Fling" was hosted on May 2 by WBMB in the gym. Students who attended the event were able to enjoy multiple activities, including a blow-up bouncy slide, although the most exciting part of the event was the concert that featured a Baruch rapper and big names such as JID. In addition, the Office of Student Life held a "Spring Fling" carnival during club hours, where students could eat popcorn and candy apples while getting their pictures drawn. Both events come shortly before finals week and the end of classes.

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