J.I.D and Flipp Dinero excite fans at WBMB's Spring Fling

Julian Tineo | The Ticker   Students jammed at this year's 'Spring Fling.'

Julian Tineo | The Ticker

Students jammed at this year's 'Spring Fling.'

Baruch College’s main gym was outfitted with concert speakers and a stage on May 2 for “Spring Fling,” the annual concert hosted by Baruch’s WBMB radio station. 

Three performances were scheduled for the night, though each performer brought guests to add to the concert. 

Julian Tineo | The Ticker

Julian Tineo | The Ticker

The lineup was promising, and the performances did not disappoint, making the night memorable for Baruch students.

The concert opened with Supreme Carl, a local rapper who got the crowd excited right from the start.

 Currently enrolled at Baruch, he has one single on his website and on SoundCloud and was easily able to get the crowd eager for more. 

The crowd responded to Supreme Carl’s tracks with mosh pits and excited shouts.

Flipp Dinero took the stage after Supreme Carl and began his set with energy that was reflected by the audience. 

Julian Tineo | The Ticker

Julian Tineo | The Ticker

When performing from the stage wasn’t enough, Flipp Dinero jumped down into the crowd and joined them for a few tracks.

After bringing out some friends to perform verses of their own on stage, he hopped down again to begin telling a story about a girl who just wouldn’t stop calling him, leading into “Leave Me Alone,” his most popular track, not once but twice to close out his performance. 

“Leave Me Alone” was certified platinum on Jan. 15, though none of Flipp Dinero’s following releases have been able to come close to the popularity of the track.

After a short break, J.I.D opened his set with the smooth and direct style he’s known for. 

He performed tracks from his most recent album DiCaprio 2 and verses he contributed to the tracks of other artists.

DiCaprio 2 is a follow-up to The Never Story, J.I.D’s debut album, which he released in 2017. 

The album was met with critical acclaim, and music videos for the tracks are still being released.

J.I.D called out his friend and rapper Bas, who was also in attendance to the surprise of the crowd, though Bas didn’t perform any songs himself. 

Both J.I.D and Bas are signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, which the rap icon founded in 2007.

Although ticket sales for the concert began less than two weeks before the performance date, a sizable audience was able to enjoy the lineup of rappers who all performed well.

“Spring Fling” was a night of mosh pits, dancing and good vibes. 

The energy of the performers was shared with the crowd and the night was a success by all measures.